Dream Journals

February 1, 2013

I only closed my eyes for a moment; It seemed as though I had blinked and turned my head;  And there she was.   She sat their as beautiful as she was when I was a child.  She smiled her noteworthy smile.   I could not believe my eyes … so, I closed them.   When I opened them, there she sat.    I cannot breathe.   I turn my head away and return to gaze at her.  She is still there.

I said to her,  “No!  I cannot believe my eyes!   You cannot really be here with me now!”    Her hair was styled as she loved when she was in her late twenties.  Her skin was flawless.  She had a talent of raising one eyebrow;  It was her signature.   She was wearing her white fuzzy jacket … and she quietly giggled.    I am in disbelief;  So much so that I need to touch her.  I grab her upper arm & gasp,  “Mom?”  …


She giggles again.   I can feel her upper arm under her jacket,  I can feel her shoulder where her arm and her shoulder meet.  I feel her warmth.  Gasp!   I let out a little cry.   “Mom! It is you!!  You’re really here!”   She smiles with love & pride.   Then, surprises me by turning suddenly, embracing me with a huge hug and covers my face with kisses.  I’m overwhelmed with the reality, the hug is not a ‘dream’ hug.  It has weight, it has strength.  It has conviction.    I feel the warmth of her kisses and I feel an odd combination of joy &  tears welling within me.   Surely this cannot be true?    But yes, it’s true.

I want her to stay; I never want her to leave.  I know this is an amazing gift;  I want talk and catch up on news;  I want to know how Dad is doing.

My Mom came to visit me … *For Real*

When I opened my eyes, she is gone, yet I can still feel her presence.

1 thought on “Dream Journals

  1. An update: I find it beautiful the way that dreams affect our life in subtle and not so subtle ways. They may sometimes seem prophetic, but they weave their way through our waking lives in ways we may never realize until we take a glimpse in our rear view mirror.

    Almost a week ago I was working at my fathers home. I became so focused that before I realized it, I had sliced my thumb deeply. Strangely I did not panic. I calmly reached over into the medicine cabinet and wrapped my wound, got into my SUV and drove to the urgent NextCare to get stitched up. Walking across the parking lot, I looked down to realize I was wearing the exact shoes aI had been wearing in my dream. I have not worn those shoes in about 8 years! As I walked through the glass doors I knew I would be okay. The doctor was astonished when there was no flinching, no pain, no worrying & my blood pressure showed no sign of anxiety or stress.

    Everything’s going to be okay.

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