I consider myself primarily a creative artist.

I grew up in a large family which was immersed in a culturally rich  environment;   My family was ambitious, full of  exuberance.    It was also tumultuous & driven with anticipation   It was also the 1960’s.   I was almost a “teenager” who was determined to get to Woodstock;  It’s  a good thing that I never made it to Woodstock …

In 1990 I completed 5 years of college & majored in mostly cerebral studies such as Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociology, Child & Family Development & Psychology.   This was what I thought was needed to be successful in life … but not necessarily happy.     After working in these fields for a time, I was definitely unhappy;  In fact – I was miserable!   I had lost my joy & no longer felt the magic of life.   I chose to change & challenge my direction towards a new way of life.

In 1993 I entered into the study of all things … Theater Arts & Musical Theater.  I later signed with an agency & to my delight, I loved everything about the Arts!     My first theater production was titled ‘Generations Of Dust’ and was performed at the local community theater.   More work quickly followed.   The first film set I worked was ‘Fast Getaway II’  with the two Corey’s.  Within the year I worked on several more films including, ‘Tombstone’,  ‘The Vanishing’ and ‘The Quick & The Dead’.   Several local and national commercials came my way …   I began teaching & to this day,   I continue to find the creative process amazingly magical.

I was born in Bellwood, Illinois and spent most of my first  17 years in and around Chicago,  Illinois.   I began writing in Junior High at Marquardt Jr. High;  From Jr. High  I  attended Glenbard North High School,  where I had a most exceptionally supportive English teacher,  Mrs. Dirks.   She was a teacher I’ll never forget because she encouraged the gift of writing. From her direction, I entered into a college composition class in my Sophomore year.    Thankfully, I’ve never stopped writing & I find joy in almost everything connected with writing, art &  photography.

I currently relocated to the southwest & have become the local Preemie Prints Photographer for my area.   Preemie Prints is a national support organization for parents & families of premature born babies. I’ve also been working on weddings, landscapes I’ll be adding more organizations as I move forward on all my levels of skill and ability.

Having spent so much of my free time being a creative & rebellious, I’ve earned a loth of hard knocks & labors of love!    In 1972, my family packed up the little red VW bus for a so road trip that cut through expansive landscapes & breathtaking sunsets. I arrived in Arizona at the beginning of an amazing & thunderous monsoon season. Fortunately, (or unfortunately), depending on the way you look at it, my Dad had all the cameras. At the time, he was the photographer in our family;   Now it seems, we have traded places.  :)….

            (*Side Note:  My father recently died on October 26, 2011*)

I come from a well creative family. My Mother was an artist; She worked during the day at the local newspaper in the art department. She sketched, painted & created every other spare moment of her day. She enjoyed everything artistic. She often planned our weekends, which were filled with days spent at The Art Institute, Museum of Science & Industry & family outings at the Arboretum.

My father was the photographer; He worked at the NI Gas company during the day & very often pulled 18 hours shifts in the dead of night & in the frost of winter.   During his spare hours and on weekends, he sang,   He was so good at singing, he became the second Tenor at the Chicago Lyric Opera.  He so loved the art of photography, he  immersed himself in everything about it.   My father was my first Hero.   The darkroom was the most mysterious place in the house to me  … I loved it there, I would watch him work & I felt safe watching the magic of art materialize before my eyes.

I hope one day to shoot with my father’s most favored cameras.

Currently I shoot mostly with Canon.

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