Shine On

Father’s Day, 2013

I miss you, Dad … every day in every way.

Tip your hat. Whisper goodbye to all you have ever known. That’s what a train whistle sounds like. Its mournful sound carries through the wind and clings in evening air with every last melancholy note. People always leave. One day, you realize a singular truth; You will be the one leaving, even if you don’t want to. You simply wont have any other option. No one escapes life without breathing everyday out as a candle wick will burn the air around it.

Shine on brilliantly where ever you might be!

You are free from all that was holding you from becoming your spiritual best.

Shine on, Dad; Shine on!

Dad 2010

I Find it hard to see you in the dark
I looked around
You were beside me

Don’t you realize it’s hard to dream
Without you’re helping hand to guide me

Shine on
Shine on me, shine on you
Shine on




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