Fates of Pink

It’s Simple …

Bottle of red;  Bottle of White
To cool the red just a splash to white…
It’s like mixing a little blood to sugar …
Oh but you cannot add a bit of Burgundy to Chablis
It will not bring you pink champagne.

I know many more sober truths
For Instance, It’s proven that
Tequilah and Seagram 7
brings on the CrAzY Fun — And Angst …
But warm, sweet memories that last forever … .
Midnight Margaritas & Late Night White Merlot Chats
Bring loving Sisterhoods together …

When you ache for the for warmth of red,
The heat of the only one beating heart
Heat of breath, passion in the dark pitch of midnight
Add to it vermillion – Toxic , blistering red
Searing, fiery, mercurial
Kiss of danger … Take its bed alone in tears
Sleep within its folds & Its sorrow becomes your friend
Deny it & it becomes the ugly scar that lasts
your lifetime

Make this your oil & canvas
There may be no others that will last
It is that which was your present
and now it is your past

spilled red wine_234x197

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