Proof Of Life

Proof of Life

~ by Karen Hutton

Our ability to imagine is magnificent. Our minds love to fill in the blanks – and we can make up SUCH a great mental movie, just from a photograph! I think one of the many things we love about photography is it’s incredible ability to provide Proof of Life… someone was here. They lived. They did things. They grew old. They left a mark. One of our most basic needs is to be seen and recognized… photography is one powerful tool for it!

I love that my mom’s family was photo-nuts. Clearly, Bettylou was someone’s muse throughout most of her youth. That wouldn’t be hard… she was a great subject and utterly gorgeous! So funny and sparkly too. The fact that there are so many photographs of her means that I get to look back and share a bit of her life before I ever met her. Proof of her life before she was a mom… when she was just a girl. She told us some things… but the photos seem to speak volumes all on their own.

The one of little Bettylou was definitely taken around 1924-25. How many of photos have we seen in antique stores and simply imagined it as “some antique photo?” My breath always catches when I look at this and think: “That’s my mom.”

The second seems right out of Hollywood! I don’t know who took it, nor for what occasion… but I love the spark in her eyes, the jaunty hat and the fact that she’s not even looking into the camera.

The third – well who doesn’t love a good headstand from the 1930’s? Bathing cap and all!

Bettylou-ism for today:
It’s only temporary.

She would use it when someone (usually me) was bitching about something that I absolutely HATED, that seemed to take forever – or would simply never end. Over time, it came to signify endurance, the ability to see something through to the other side, for life.

Live life fully people! It’s only temporary. Don’t waste a minute on anything less than doing it full on

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