The Family Tree

Imagine you are you’re the trunk of your family’s tree. Your roots grow deep and strong. You grow for many years & your recollections of being a seedling are but a distant dream. Remember when you became a sapling? Remember how the rain felt fresh as it fell on you? You would bend to the storm with strength & flexibility. You grew strong, and you developed many rings as you became older. Your branches would reach for the sun as dawn came, and when the moon would rise, you would sway upwards toward the stars.

More years passed, and your branches grew little branches. Your life became so full; It was so rich you thought it could not become any more eloquent; And then, one day you realize, you have become weathered. Your bark has grown thick, your base branches have become well-worn with character and you know you have had an abundance that was deeply blessed. Your life begins to ebb at its base. Your branches feel the change in your breeze. Your leaves struggle with the change that is taken over on the deepest of your center ring, where you began as a seedling.

One day the sun rises, and you die.

Your branches begin to wither, they weep through their tendrils.

And as they fall to the earth, they know nothing of what will come.

The the earth takes them in, nourishes them and they begin to grow. Their new growth surges, they take new energy & renew their will to thrive. They grow their roots deep. They flourish and become their own trees, with their own branches and their own history. When the sun rises, their branches reach for the sun when the dawn rises, and in the evening, with the moon rise, they sway to reach the stars.

Celebrate your family tree.

Celebrate the beauty of the infinite circle of life.


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