Process … My ‘Artist’s’ Way

I write … and then I edit.

I often joke with friends … “I write, therefore I edit”

Most often,  as I write, the flow of words move me out of my way.  Then,  in a moment, I’ll always impulsively push the ‘publish’ button  …. regret it,  and then editing begins.     While I realize this is probably not the best way to manage my blogging life,  it’s always the way my creativity has been for me.    I don’t know if it’s right or wrong.   I know when inspiration arrives, I open my door to it.   I welcome it.  When working through the series, ‘The Artist’s Way’,   I became even more set into my process.   It’s productive as it compels me to act immediately.   This process for similarly in my photography also.

One particular activity was called, ‘The Morning Pages’.   The focus of the exercise was to write free flow first thing upon rising in the morning.   The idea is to get out all the debris and the flotsam that lingers & to do it first thing in the morning.   I like to do ‘Evening Pages” also … to get rid of the extraneous stuff that lingers from the day before I do my Yoga and finally fall asleep.   It helps a lot … and I am a vivid dreamer, so the last thing I want is to go to bed while my mind will not rest.    It’s a little like how Gandhi said he wouldn’t allow people walk through his mind with their dirty feet.   If I’m going to dream, I want it to be pleasant …. not laden with unresolved bits of the day that are hanging on to revisit like a pop up card in the middle of a dream that makes sense while I’m dreaming it.

I enjoy comments and input also … I love input from my readers.   It makes it all worth it.

Thanks for reading my blog … and my door is always open to welcome you!

3 thoughts on “Process … My ‘Artist’s’ Way

  1. I feel the same way, so this is a great reminder for me. I think that morning and evening thing is just what I’ve been needing : -)
    And yes, input from readers makes it all worthwhile!
    Peace & Love,

    • Hi Lila … Thank you writing!

      Last night I wrote a reply and it disappeared. My laptop is a ditz – (an expensive ditz) – I blame my laptop for everything including losing it’s place while I play Mass Effect 🙂

      When I write my morning pages, the rest of my day seems to flow easier. I smiled more. I’m able to purge in free flow all the stuff that I’ve processed in dreams. If I read my morning pages after I write them, I think … “What will I tell my kids when I’m 80 and they find these in my closet … I was an early onset ALZ?”; No …They’ll never buy it! Regardless, I love the creative process! Besides, I can always take a look back and see how much I’ve grown!


      • Oh I hate it when that happens =)
        I find the same thing happens to me, about writing first thing in the morning. It just makes my day better. Thanks for the reminder again to free-write more frequently. (Now if only I can get myself to edit my novel!) I also love looking back at my journals and seeing how much I’ve grown. I am advised to throw them out now but I love looking back at them from time to time just for that reason.

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