Katniss Everdeen – My Kind of Protaganist

I finally gave in to curiosity & bought the movie The Hunger Games … and as expected, came away… well, hungry.   I prefer my version from reading the book,   using imagination & personal focus on detail.    In 4 words:  The book is better.  I’m actually glad that the second book in the trilogy, ‘Catching Fire’  has another year to go before it’s release, because honestly, Katniss’ story will burn into my memory before Hollywood can etch it’s psuedo story into my head.

When it comes to fiction, I am not the flowery, romance type.  More often I’ll read historical fiction, dystopian fiction, biography or autobiography.  When I was younger, I loved reading Hemingway & Faulkner.    When the Hunger Games Trilogy came across my Nook shopping window, I believed I would read the first chapter and dismiss the book with boredom.   I was wrong.

Katniss Everdeen is only 16 years old when she moves to protect her younger sister “being picked’ for a blood sport lottery organized and ordered by the goverment of Panem,   The blood sport is called their ‘Hunger Games’.    The government gleans 24 children in this lottery & pits the children to fight against each other in a virtual arena until there is only one victor.   Katniss knows she will likely die.  Her impulse to stand for her sister, Prim is driven by the core of her relationship and history with her family, for love.   She volunteers in her sister’s place and becomes the spark that ignites a movement that hungers for freedom.and is fed by hope.   She survives only by the will of others and those in power, yet she unknowingly & instinctively makes choices through out the first book and she survives.

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