Watching my girl Bethenny tonight.
One of my favorite moments is when she’s at the counter cutters with her group of contractors. She points out that no one is communicating with all the other teams. She sings, “Nobody’s working together. Why can’t we just communicate?”

I say OMG yes!! I see it all the time. I often find myself in a lead position & From my point of view no one else can communicate with each from the head of the donkey to the the tail of the monkey! The gears need to work together. Otherwise mistakes are made and production becomes costly; Then the mistakes that have been made and must be fixed. Even if it doesn’t cost money, it costs in time … which is often more valuable than the m oney lost. Another issue I see is that people freeze and don’t want to make decisions because they are afraid they will make mistakes … Or all they want to do is avoid confrontation and flow with the rest of the current.

Entrepreneurs just don’t think this way.
We swim upstream.
It’s difficult.
It’s worth it.

I’m working late tonight. The local soroptomists just sent me an email earlier tonight. I just answered it at 2:30 AM.

Finally configured my computer to work the way I want it to work. Sad Sad day … I want it to be a gaming computer but I doubt I will ever have time to be playing games on it. I will be building my photography studios. Who can afford to spend time playing games with all the stuff of building business going on??

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